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Ah bee
The hot tub at Beauty Forever has numerous powerful hydromassage jets, effectively relieve tension and improve circulation. Moreover, the colored lighting of the tub changes along with the jet pressure creating a truly relaxing experience.
After the facial, my skin feel so plump and soft, and it looks really fine and radiant! Highly recommended it ♥
Queenie Ma
Caviar collagen essence massage with hand, slowly into the skin. Manual massage can be based on facial type, effectively in-depth skin parts, speed up blood circulation and promote circulation. After the facial treatment, I fell my facial edema has also been improved.
Katerina Lin
The room has crystal rose salt lamp. There is the release of negative ions and air purification. Under the soft light and relax environment, I fall asleep very quickly. After the massage, it effectively relieved muscle soreness and arches. It was indeed heavenly.
Stephanie Sue
Beauty Forever beautician are very professional and their gesture is very tender. It started with a gentle facial massage, followed by eyebrow trimming and extraction. I already fall asleep. After the facial, no red print, very professional!
Beauty Forever's Kwun Tong branch environment is so nice and makes me so comfortable. I like her unique sky garden terrace and I can have a drink before or after doing spa. It gives me a relaxed feeling.
I have usually found the effects of a hair spa treatment last only two or three days, but this time I still got the overall feeling of healthy hair a week later, without "temporary smoothness" or any smell of Chinese medicine. What’s more, my previous issue of nightly hair loss has also been reduced.
Spa room is very spacious and elegant. It is one person room, so it has a high degree of privacy. The room is decorated like a South Asian style. It seems to be the same as the spa in Thailand.