Hot Stone Spa

Stone spa is through the natural ore "God Blackstone" warm and the rock plate will naturally radiate far infrared and negative ions. Into the stonespa room, the room temperature keep about 40°C-45°C and the humidity of about 65-70%. For those who are not adapted with high temperature (Sauna) to enjoy this low temperature sauna. Once you are lying on the stone bed, it spreads the heat throughout the body and organs, bringing about an intense relaxation. As the body heats up, sweat will drain the toxins out.
The function of Hot Stone Spa
Intense relaxation Enhance the parasympathetic function and let the body relax
Detoxification The infrared rays go straight through into the deepest part of the body and sweat will drain the toxins out
Remedy for blood stasis The magnetic field vibrates all the cells of human body so it is a good remedy for blood stasis
Strengthens the immune system High levels of negative ions strengthen the resistance to illness and promotes production of globulin in the blood