Tai Global Spa

Thai Global Spa
Snow White Milk SPA (15 mins) + Apricots Facial Whitening Treatments (75 mins) OR Thai-style Herbal Ball Massage (45 mins)
Take a milk bath first, soak the milk whey into the bottom of the skin, to leaving the whole body white and smooth. Can be combined with apricot extract to whiten facial treatments immediately. It uses ion instruments to deeply introduce apricot extract and massage by hand. The protein, vitamin A, B15, B17 and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals of the main ingredients of almonds are penetrated into the bottom layer of the face, effectively whitening and removing spots, pores, Exfoliates and keeps skin hydrated at all times.

The masseur applies a hot herbal ball to compress to stimulate the body to achieve a relaxing effect, and then performs a manual massage, starting from the back, slowly down to the abdomen and hands and pressing various points. Thai-style herbal ball contains 14 kinds of A-balanced herbal formulas. The essential oils emitted after heating can penetrate into the skin, soothe the connective tissue of the muscles, make the joints of the body move freely and reduce muscle pain.